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The future supply of leather is dependent on a sustainable value chain. The production of a sustainable material relies on a respect for natural resource depletion and a focus on critical areas where improvements can contribute positively to the sustainability profile of the product.

Through holistic management of these critical components, BLC can help you build a sustainable supply chain and embed sustainability into the corporate ethos and philosophy of your business adding value to your product portfolio.





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Bronze LWG Award for Yong Shin Leather Co

Yong Shin Leather Co have been audited by BLC against the Leather Working Group (LWG) environmental auditing protocol and has achieved a Bronze rating. Click here to view other companies audited by BLC who have achieved LWG ratings. The environmental auditing protocol and reporting mechanism have been developed and refined...

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1 Day Sustainability in the Leather Supply Chain

For many brands and retailers leather sustainability is of growing importance to customers. This leather sustainability course covers some of the key aspects of leather sustainabilty within the leather supply chain.

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