Supply Chain Mapping

BLC provide a range of traceability solutions to identify risk hot spots within your leather supply chain.

Supply chain mapping is a way to determine exposure points and weaknesses within the supply chain.

Traceability and knowledge of your supply chain is crucial to making long term business decisions and puts you in a position of strength when developing policy, communicating to your customers or when reporting performance of supply chain management.


Benefits of Using the BLC Supply Chain Mapping Tool

BLC have developed the Supply Chain Mapping Tool to build on your understanding of what your supply chain looks like and where the connection are. This supply chain tool will help your business locate individual connections on a global scale, manage potential supply chain risks and identify where value can be added.

This supply chain mapping tool can be used in a variety of global industries where leather is present, including:

At BLC, our technical experts will provide your business with 1-2-1 guidance and support, so you can effectively manage your supply chain.


The BLC Supply Chain Mapping Tool will:

  • Help you frame the scope of your project to ensure it is fit for purpose
  • Build a bespoke data gathering tool to generate information on your supply chain to slaughterhouse level where possible
  • Analyse and verify data using BLC’s industry expertise
  • Plot and build an interactive geographical map identifying locations and functions within your supply chain
  • Complete a risk analysis of the top five hotspots of activity within your supply chain
  • Present the supply chain mapping software and risk analysis to your chosen group of stakeholders
  • Host your data and provide you with access logins to your supply chain mapping software account

Make better informed supply chain decisions by implementing the BLC Supply Chain Mapping Tool. Contact BLC today to discuss how we can map your supply chain via or call +44 (0) 1604 679 999 for further information.